Womens Swimwear

Women’s swimwear. It’s definitely one of my favorite subjects, and if you ask most heterosexual men about the subject, they would be inclined to agree. Why? Because almost every type of bikini is more revealing than what most women would wear normally. And being that us men are visual creatures with tremendous sex drives, the more skin that’s on display, the more excited we’ll become! The bikini has spawned a billion dollar industry, and more and more companies are getting into the game hoping for a slice of that pie. One of my wife's favorite swimwear companies is TeenyB Bikini Couture. They have some of the sexiest brazilian cut bikinis you'll ever see.

There are lots of different types of women's swimwear that we’ll discuss on this website, and hopefully it will give you impetus to do some more surfing and find out more for yourself! The one thing I can tell you from my perspective is that I love the two-piece woman’s bathing suit, especially when it’s worn by a beautiful woman.

two piece bikini

Bikinis vary in size, shape, and color. Women are usually more worried about the color and pattern that a given suit uses, but ask most guys what they care about most and they’ll answer, “how much skin does it cover?” This runs the gamut too, ranging from a conservative one-piece job that’s usually reserved for the elderly and overweight, all the way down to a single piece of string that barely covers a woman’s genitals (sometimes referred to as “butt floss”).

Speaking of which, I believe that there should be a weight limit on two-piece bathing suits that are especially revealing. Not many men want to see a 400-pound woman waddling out onto the beach in a bikini that’s so small that it’s swallowed by her massive rolls of cellulite, just like not many women want to see a grotesquely overweight man strut out onto the beach wearing what’s commonly referred to as a “bean bag”.

What we’ll be focusing on here are attractive women wearing attractive two-piece bikinis. So sit back, relax, click around, and I hope you enjoy this little site I built to showcase my love for women’s bathing suits.