Womens Bikini Swimwear

Women’s bikini swimwear is definitely one of my favorite things. I mean, what red-blooded guy doesn’t like to see a beautiful woman dressed (and I use that term loosely) in a skimpy swimsuit? Here’s a little secret ladies: most guys don’t hang out at the beach to work on their tans. They hang out at the beach because they either want to gawk at, or try to pick up, gorgeous women in small swimsuits.

There’s lots of different types of suits that a woman can choose from, but the bikini is definitely the most popular among women who have what society considers “perfect bodies”. When a woman has a good figure, she tends to want to show it off in the summertime at the beach or the pool, and who can blame her? We men definitely love looking at women in skimpy swimming attire, and we aren’t shy when it comes to talking about it.

One of my pet peeves is when a woman is wearing a tiny swimsuit that leaves almost nothing to the imagination, yet she has the audacity to look surprised and/or disgusted when she notices men staring at her. Wearing a bikini like this basically says to the world, “hey, look at me!”. Ladies, when you wear a suit like this, enjoy the attention it brings you! We guys can’t just wear a tiny bathing suit to bring attention to ourselves. We have to go out and buy an expensive car! All the ladies have to do is just wear less!

Ever since we had the bright idea to start covering our naughty bits, there has been a small segment of the population that wants to see just how little they can actually wear before “sexy” turns into “criminal”. It’s a crying shame that any woman is arrested for wearing a tiny bikini!

One way to get around this is to attend a bikini contest. Here you’ll see some of the skimpiest, almost nonexistent bathing suits ever concocted by man. They’re always surrounded by much fanfare. If there’s one in your area, I highly recommend going, just to see how little some women are prepared to wear to take first prize.