Womens Micro Swimwear

Women’s micro swimwear is actually somewhat of a misnomer. What we’re really talking about here is tiny bikinis and the women who wear them. The majority of these suits aren’t purchased or used for swimming at all. Instead, they’re used for showing off a woman’s curves, which works out well because these particular bikinis can range from small to almost non-existent.

Lately there has been a rash of new companies popping up left and right, and all of them are competing for the almighty women’s swimsuit dollar. Their designs get wilder and wilder every day, and the amount of fabric that you get for the money seems to get smaller and smaller every day! That’s because you’re not really paying for the amount of fabric, you’re paying for the design of the suit, which hopefully will show off your natural assets and get you noticed at the beach.

This type of bikini is also popular for women who frequent tanning salons. There was a time when tan lines were considered sexy, but that time has past. Today women want to be tan all over, but don’t really want to be in a tanning booth completely naked. That’s where this type of suit comes in handy, not to mention the fact that they look great when she’s not in the tanning booth too!

Some of them are even transparent, or semi-transparent, so they allow ultraviolet light to pass through, great for women who want a natural, all-over tan. The golden tan is the holy grail for sun worshippers, and a semi-transparent suit might just be the way to get there for them.

They’re not for everyone, to be sure, and as I stated before I think there should be a weight limit on suits this small, for both guys and gals. Some people would seek to outlaw these bikinis, literally frightened by the amount of skin they put on display. I say “the smaller the better”! If a woman has enough confidence to wear one of these things, who are we to tell her that she shouldn’t?