Womens Thong Swimwear

Womenís thong swimwear is one of the most revealing types of swimwear a woman can buy. Its basically a strap that goes under and around the crotch, and usually leaves very little to the imagination. There have been songs written about them, and indeed most men have spent countless hours dreaming about them, until their wives or girlfriends manage to snap them out of it!

This type of bathing suit isnít really a bathing suit at all. Itís much more meant for showing off the female body than it is for being functional swimming attire. Some of them have a small triangle of fabric that sits directly over a womanís tailbone, others are simply a string that goes between the legs. For most guys, the latter is their favorite kind, because it covers the least. Iíd be curious to know which of the two women find most comfortable.

My first introduction to this type of risqueí swimwear was at a public pool when I was just a sprightly young lad. There was this gorgeous woman who was wearing this tiny bikini that looked almost nonexistent from a distance! As much as dignity and respect demanded, I tried to look away, but I just couldnít! To this day I love looking at beautiful women in tiny bathing suits, and I think just about every dude out there would be right there with me.

I donít think we can ever really be absolutely sure who invented the thong or why, but I sure would like to shake his or her hand and thank them for the thirty some-odd of eye candy that Iíve enjoyed. Itís been around for a while, and as long as men find it attractive, and women desire the attention of the men, it wonít be going anywhere. In fact, I think that all beautiful women should be required to wear them on sunny summer days!